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Our vision: To promote an understated way of being. To conform to love not a volatile compromise. We wish to propagate the idea to put love at the forefront of every issue. When a person is confronted with hard times and abuse, one must learn to connect to the love within to change the state of things. Peace can be achieved only when we as human beings understand that all the world's inhabitants have a special and unique place in the scheme of life.

We wish to spread this knowledge that life is so important. All of our family is important. Every color, sex and ethnicity is to be honored for we are one family together experiencing Life. Violence is not the answer to end conflict. Whether it be in the home or abroad in war. We wish to teach and foster this idea to everyone we can. We hope to bring about a change in the hearts of many who claim to seek a just solution with the use of force as a solution. Life is dear and without Love, it is meaningless.

Through our event, 'Bridges of Peace Jam', our goal is to reach the souls of people through music. We feel the ?Power Of Music? is so great that it can move people to new ways of thinking. The artists are the ones to reach them and open their hearts; we are just the ones to put them all together for a unified purpose of love, peace and kind works of charity. A collection drive will take place at the event to help children whose lives have been adversely affected by war and poverty.

Artists that support Bridges of Peace's work include Pete Seeger, Jon Bon Jovi & many others united with us to promote global peace and acts of charity. Please support us also and join us with the mission. Together we are strong.

Make Peace through Love, the Rain to the Drought.

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