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6/28/09 - Pictured Pete Seeger talking to Bridges of Peace's Pres. Diane Eleftheriades, Mary Casella & Marianne Riscoe. Karen Bebert, VP not pictured

Pete Seeger and Ray Korona wrote "Toys for Peace" for our organization Bridges of Peace and sang it for us here at the Water Festival in NYC. After I had said that we started the project in Sayreville and then opened it up nationwide with a drive just being completed in Texas and that we are just mothers trying to make a difference. He smiled and told us that he thinks women are the ones who are gonna change this world because they are more compassionate...

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I also thanked him for writing "Toys for Peace" for us and told him about our first Bridges of Peace Jam Concert and how we wish to raise awareness for Peace and Love through music events as well as help children of war and poverty and how we were planning another event. He seemed pleased. Pete Seeger has spent all his life working for good causes and raising awareness through music festivals! For example this Water festival and his Clearwater festival to Clean the Hudson River! Like the name of his Video Biography by Jim Brown - Pete Seeger: The Power of Song. I believe that one man has opened so many hearts through music...this is the key! Opening hearts to Love and compassion...Let the music move you to new ways of thinking. Peace! :)

Written By Diane Eleftheriades, President

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