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I just got this amazing news, a quote from Pete Seeger for us(Bridges of Peace) and that we are featured in a new book called "Cost of Freedom"!

Cost of Freedom - The Anthology of Peace & Activism
"The Cost of Freedom anthology ... recognizes, records and celebrates the magnificent efforts of countless numbers of real people to bring peace and social justice to our beleaguered and exploited planet."

It is endorsed by Noam Chomsky, Ramsey Clark, Harry Belafonte, Ralph Nader and Thom Hartmann.....

We(Bridges of Peace) are honored to be featured in the book "Cost of Freedom" and on their website.

To Purchase your copy through us:

($10.00 will be donated to Bridges of Peace):

Click the cover to see inside the book!

To Learn more about Cost of Freedom:

From Ray Korona.....

Hi, Diane

I?m happy to report that word about Bridges of Peace continues to spread and inspire! This Fall, Pete Seeger was performing at the annual Pumpkin Festival in Beacon, NY. He asked me to lead our Toys for Peace song during his concert. Ivice joined Pete and I on stage to play the song. Pete also wanted me to tell the audience the inspiring story about how the women in Sayreville organized the drive to get local school children to give toys to children in war torn Iraq and Afghanistan.

In a discussion after the performance, Pete said, ?If the world is ever going to be changed, it will be through the efforts of millions of individuals and small organizations such as the work of the Sayreville women with Bridges of Peace.?

The lyrics to Toys for Peace and the story of the toy drive appear in a new book--The Cost of Freedom. It?s a large coffee table style anthology of grassroots activism with many photos and quotations, do****enting the peace work of over 75 inspiring individuals and peace groups. For more information on the book or to order a copy, visit: The Cost of Freedom is also available (or can be ordered) from bookstores around the country.


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