Drives: 5 Large Boxes Shipped to Ir

Posted on Wednesday, October 10 @ 08:03:32 MST by admin2

Karen and Diane packed up and shipped 5 boxes on Friday to Iraq. Items include stuffed toys, children's clothes and a few children's books and crayons. :) The boxes have been received today! IN Just 5 days! Thanks to our Military!

"The boxes are enormous, and there is so much nice stuff in them....The needy citizens of Iraq will be thrilled! Thank you again for your gift!" - LTC Kathy Brill, Civil Affairs Brigade stationed in Iraq

This project is so easy. Pack up a box and send it to Iraq!

Help a Child through a Soldier!

Send Peace and Love to Iraq. Show the world what Love can do!!!

Pack up a box and contact us on how we can help you send it to Iraq!

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