Site Ne: Bridges of Peace is Awarded

Posted on Saturday, December 04 @ 09:25:23 MST by admin2

Sgt. Robert Bruce awards Bridges of Peace's Diane Eleftheriades(Pres) and Karen Bebert(VP) customary military coin for good work to support our soldiers and the civilians in Iraq.

11/18/04 UES General PTO meeting. Karen gave an amazing speech on Bridges of Peace after she finished PTO business where she thanked everyone including the board, volunteers, the parents/guardians..etc. Thank you Karen for a very eloquent speech. It was phenominal. We invited Sgt. Robert Bruce to speak. He was so amazing, expressing how important our project was as he said he worked in a unit that was rebuilding Iraq and for the guys on the front line, it was important to them to know that the rebuilding was going on. He then awarded Bridges of Peace a special Coin(Iraqi Freedom Coin) which he said was customary to give to those who help the soldiers and civilians as it means so much to them. We were so touched. I got in all on video thankfully because I can't even for the life of me express how wonderful it really was. My friend Sharon was in tears from his speech.
- Diane Eleftheriades, President, Bridges of Peace

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